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Meet Jamie

Hey, there! I'm Jamie!  I am a photographer located in Rochester, NY. So, a bit about me! Photography is my love, but my husband and my fur-children are my world.

My husband and I have such a fun love story (involving garbage plates, The Fifth Element, and adventure), and one of my most favorite parts of working with couples is learning their *unique* love stories. From how they met, to the proposal, and all of planning...GIVE ME ALL THE DETAILS. I love bringing that into my sessions with them to create breathtaking images that truly captures them as they are and tells a story as unique as their love story. 

Some random facts about me:

- Will Legit travel to pet any animal. Send me photos of your pets. Bring them to your session. LOVE!

- I am a PROUD geek. I love Star Wars, anything Marvel (Excelsior!), Lord of the Rings, you name it!

- I have a living jungle in my home. I am all about that #PlantLife. I prefer to be barefoot and my next vacation is going to be in a tree house. I am so excited!

- I'm a lame homebody. I probably play Yahtzee more than I should (High score of 585!), but when I do go out I love going to the Daily Refresher and having a "Clint Eastwood." 

- I have this weird talent of being able to guess a movie within the first few seconds just by listening to it!

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