A Sunken Garden Engagement - Rochester, NY Photographer - Tanis & Brittany

I just love it when I find a couple that I jive well with (that's half the fun!) and with that, create pure magic. Brittany and Tanis' engagement session at the Sunken Garden at Highland Park, Rochester NY was just dreamy. It was a perfect blend of romance and fun!

Brittany and Tanis met online and it was a slow burning love. In fact, they both thought that their love wouldn't last! Brittany left for Ireland for an internship just after knowing eachother for a few months and it was then that their love grew. Brittany would bike an hour everyday to skype with Tanis (thanks to a poor internet connection). When she got home, they confessed their love for each other.

Brittany shared their proposal story with me and it is just so sweet. Brittany said, " In February we took a trip to Disney World, just the two of us. We had dinner the first night at the Polynesian Resort (the food was amazing!). After dinner we walked out to the beach and sat together. We talked about life and how neither of us had ever met someone who made us feel so complete. That was when he pulled out the ring and asked if I would grow old with him. I said yes, of course I would. And it was so perfectly timed that right after I said yes Magic Kingdom's firework show started going off on the other side of the lake. It was perfect and magical. I loved that it was intimate and personal. I think the best word to describe how we felt is content. Our hearts felt warm and loved, everything just felt so right. "

They chose the Sunken Garden for their engagement session because of the greenery (couple after my own heart!!) and the incredible stonework. Their location also had an added bonus, a park staff to help keep the session private. Brittany shared that her favorite part of the session was "how natural it felt." She said, " I had been nervous for a week that we would be awkward during the shoot and that it would show in the pictures. In reality I had nothing to fear, Jamie is such a comfortable person to be around and made it so natural. We had a blast and laughed the entire time. "

I had a blast too! From incorporating their wedding colors (purple!), love of reading to each other, and planning of their Australian honey moon (complete with sticky notes!), their session was filled with personal touches. I always encourage little things like this for engagement sessions to help it reflect YOU. Pro tip: Props should assist and not take over the session.

I am SO looking forward to photographing their wedding next year!

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