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Corbett's Glen & Charlotte Beach Engagement Session -Rochester, NY Photographer: Ivy and Carlos

Ivy and Carlos had what one might consider an unconventional start to their relationship after E-Harmony matched them. While some may be skeptical of “new-age” ways of dating, maybe there’s something to be said for a site that removes some of the guess-work in a potential match. If anything, Ivy and Carlos are the perfect example of how right some of those sites can be, as it’s clear to anyone around them that their love for one another runs deep.

The couple started things casually with a lunch date that followed a few text messages that Ivy described as ‘cute’ after their E-Harmony connection was made. Fast-forward to the night of Carlos’ proposal and it becomes clear that he is a sweet and thoughtful man who put a lot of effort (and nerves!) into making things perfect. After enjoying a meal together at Trata, Carlos popped the question in front of not only the restaurant staff, who had been clued into the impending proposal) but also a few members of Carlos’ family as well as he and Ivy’s marriage counselors from church. Ivy recalls that Carlos was so nervous, he had to reference the speech he had typed out on his phone which, let’s face it, is ADORABLE. Any man who shows that kind of dedication to doing things right is obviously a keeper!!

I had the pleasure of shooting a gorgeous engagement session for Ivy and Carlos at the stunning Corbett’s Glenn park. It was a joy to watch them interact and really be WITH each other during the shoot. They had their outfits planned far in advance which showed me that they were truly looking forward to their photos. Ivy recalls,, ”My favorite part of the shoot was getting to laugh with my fiance during the photos.” There is no doubt that the future holds much love and sweetness between these two for many years to come!

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