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Corbett's Glen Session -Rochester, NY Photographer: Addie and Sergio

Corbett’s Glenn is a tried and true stunner of a location in Rochester, and it was an incredible spot to capture Addie and Sergio’s love for one another. This adorable couple, as sweet as they may be, might never come to an agreement on how their relationship actually started and who really initiated it. Addie says that Sergio had originally asked her to be his girlfriend over the phone, but, she says, ‘...I completely disregarded it because I wanted it to happen in person.’ She then explains that while working at a coffee shop in July 2015, she wrote ‘Will you go out with me, yes or no?’ on Sergio’s coffee cup, and this is where things get amusingly hairy. Sergio swears that the coffee cup question was his idea but she disagrees. Regardless, Addie beat him to it fair and square, and the rest is unfolding into a beautiful history that continues to charm.

Of marriage and a lifetime together, Addie and Sergio had spoken openly throughout their courtship, so it was safe to assume that a proposal would happen eventually. Sergio had purchased a ring and asked Addie’s parents for their blessing, which he received. Addie’s mom almost blew the surprise, but thankfully Sergio was able to concoct a quick excuse that Addie went for. Phew!

A week later, Sergio took her ring shopping (nice cover, man!) but much to Sergio’s dismay, Addie kept pointing out rings that were nothing like what he’d gotten her. In a state of panic, he covertly messaged family members and planned a wonderful engagement surprise for Addie when they arrived back home. He was so nervous that he couldn’t kneel down without buckling! He managed to ask THE question and, Addie says, ‘...after I asked if he was joking 5 times, I started crying and said yes!’

Their 2021 wedding is set to commence on October 1st, so their gorgeous fall foliage-filled engagement session was the perfect prelude! Neither Addie nor Sergio had ever been to Corbett’s Glenn, so they were both stunned by the immense beauty that encompasses the park. Their wedding is sure to follow suit, and we’re all looking forward to celebrating their ever-adorable love for one another next year!

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