Durand Eastman Park Engagement - Rochester, NY Photographer - Lyndsey & Matt

It always makes me so happy when former clients of mine become Heart and Story couples! I photographed Matt and Lyndsey's gorgeous baby girl, Blake, earlier this year. I also went to High School with Matt and they are getting married where my hubby and I got married, Becker Farms! Obviously, it is fate that we are working together and their session was SO MUCH FUN!

Matt and Lyndsey always knew they were destined for each other (but not going to lie, Lyndsey gave some pushing with getting Matt to ask her out - YOU GO GIRL!). The proposal needed no prompting, though! After taking an unplanned snow day, Matt had to think on his feet to make sure his proposal plan was PERFECT. He used bandana's on their dogs that said, "Mommy, will you marry daddy!" and the rest is history.

Talk about dream couple!! Periodically I like to come up with new prompts and try them on my couples! For those who don't know, prompts are cues or actions that I tell you and your fiance (or family - I use them for everything!) to create authentic emotion and REAL moments. Some are sweet. Some are hilarious. Some are just ridiculous. And I pretty much hit the jackpot with this one.

The photos show it all and I can't wait for their wedding! Almost as much as Matt can't wait for his two favorite girls to walk down the aisle!

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