Lamberton Conservatory Engagement - Rochester, NY Photographer: Torrie & Matt

The Lamberton Conservatory is one of the most beautiful indoor gardens in Rochester, and it served as the perfect spot to showcase Torrie and Matt’s love for one another (and their dog Charlie, too)!

Torrie and Matt’s relationship has been as easy-going as they come right from the get-go. They started dating for-real after Matt bluntly asked Torrie one day, “So are you going to keep dragging this out or can we make it official?" Their engagement followed suit when, amidst several home improvement projects, Matt asked Torrie if she’d like to have a family with him in their home (that’s adorable!!!) In an amusing twist, Torrie thought Matt had baby-making on the brain, when in reality he was asking her to be his wife! Their love seems to have unfolded in an easy-breezy way that fits the two of them perfectly.

Torrie says their wedding planning has also been casual and largely stress-free thanks to their decision to enjoy a lengthier engagement. Come June 2021, I’m sure we’ll be wow’ed again by the effortless way they love each other. I know one of the things I’m looking most forward to is seeing if their gorgeous golden, Charlie, gets to be a part of the big day as well!

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