The Diplomat - Rochester, NY Wedding Photographer: Linmary & Oto

Linmary's and Oto's love story is one for the books! They first met in 8th grade (so take a seat, High School sweet hearts!) at the School of the Arts. And they have been together ever since. My heart can't handle all of this adorable!

Ceremony: Glad Tiding's Church

Reception: The Diplomat Event Center

Desserts: Savoia's Bakery

DJ: Bobby Base

Makeup : Cassandra Cruz

What I truly loved about this wedding was all of the reveals. A reveal of the bride to her father, to her bridesmaids, to her groom, and an amazing surprise proposal at the wedding reception. Yes, PROPOSAL! So, keep reading!

The ceremony was beautiful with family, prayer, and hand written vows. Oto knew Linmary was the one! " I knew you (Linmary) were the one when all my jokes and me not taking anything serious never pushed you away." And Linmary? "I knew he was the when all his jokes would make me laugh and blush and my heart would skip a beat every time he smiled at me. "

Their wedding party was an absolute blast! And remember, their wedding was on 7/20/2019; the hottest dang day of the whole year! The wedding party did a great job in making sure the couple and I did not pass out. That is sincerely appreciated. Stay hydrated, folks!

Linmary said the proposal was beautiful! "Sun flowers and roses every where (my favorite!!). I walked into his new apartment that I didn’t know was his at the moment and it had a trail of roses for me to follow to go to the spot where he got on his knee and asked me to be his forever. It was beautiful! After, we celebrated with a bottle of wine with the family and took so many photos!"

And their reception was a straight up party! Which was fitting because the theme was "Gatsby". I admit, I am a bit partial because that was my theme for my wedding! And you can't forget the pineapples because Pina, the groom's last name, also means pineapple! It was gorgeous.

Linmary and Oto included traditions in their wedding, " I think a pretty cool part is going to be the fact that we’re going to do a traditional dance called Baile del Peso (the dollar dance) where guest can dance with the groom and bride but they have to pin 1$ to her dress and his suit!"

And remember that proposal I mentioned? Linmary and her father were sneaky and planned a bouquet toss that was really a proposal to her mother! It was incredible!!

Oto and Linmary spent their honeymoon in the Dominican Republic! Congratulations!

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